Roberts of Mountsorrel  |  About Us

In 2016 Mr Roberts retired after 40 years butchering in Mountsorrel. When he started there were four butchers serving the village and with him being the last it’s future was in doubt. We have always believed that our beef is outstanding, but struggled to find a way to market our produce directly to the public – Mr Roberts shop was the perfect answer. We now sell our 28 day dry aged Longhorn alongside top quality produce that that Mr Roberts has always championed.

We established a pedigree heard of Old English Longhorns over ten years ago. We have grown the herd using our own reared heifers with the male steers being fattened on grass from March through to November to produce beef. Our rich pastures enable us to supplement the herd through the summer months, with cattle sourced from selected Welsh farms on the edge of the Snowdonia national park, giving us delicious Welsh Black and Aberdeen Angus to sell through our shop as well as our fantastic Longhorn. To ensure the very best end product we dry age our beef on the bone for 28 days,